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Gave a Public Lecture on "The Singapore Story and Brand in a Post-Pandemic World", on 20 July 2021

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

Kenneth Paul Tan gave a public lecture on "The Singapore Story and Brand in a Post-Pandemic World" for the Asia Global Institute Webinar Series, on 20 July 2021.

Singapore is a small and geopolitically vulnerable country with a post-colonial multicultural society and limited natural resources. It is led by an authoritarian, meritocratic, and pragmatic government that has enabled the nation to achieve remarkable success over a short period of time. These are the key elements of Singapore's national narrative and brand, and, in turn, the basis of its international soft power. Drawing upon themes from his book "Singapore: Identity, Brand, Power", Professor Kenneth Paul Tan of the Hong Kong Baptist University will discuss emerging trends that may re-shape and transform the Singapore narrative and brand in a post-pandemic world.

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Kelly Trinh
Kelly Trinh

3:32 - what is said in the video doesn't match the text premable!

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