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Kenneth Paul Tan analyzes the movie Parasite, reads from his latest book Movies To Save Our World

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

What does the Oscar-winning movie Parasite tell us about deeply unequal societies, social mobility, and crisis? Kenneth Paul Tan reads from his book Movies To Save Our World: Imagining Poverty, Inequality, and Environmental Destruction in the 21st Century (Penguin, 2022) to suggest some answers.

Narrator: Kenneth Paul Tan

Editor: Calvin Kwan

Film Credit: Parasite (Bong Joon Ho, 2019)

Music Credits: Parasite (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

- The Belt of Faith

- Opening

- On The Way to Rich House

- Conciliation II

- Conciliation III

- Water, Ocean

- The Frontal Lobe of Ki Taek

- Ghost

- Zappaguri

Picture/Poster/Graphic Credits:


- Curzon Artificial Eye

- Designer: La Boca

- Designer: DAVIDBOWIE89

- Designer: Marc Lafon

- Designer: farrahtorres

- Designer: nickelnicole

- Industry 4.0 incorporates IoT and other digital technologies/IB Times UK

- Getty Images

- Seth Wenig/Associated Press

- The Economist

- Social Mobility Diagram/Statistic Korea

Video Credits:

- Covid-19: how to fix the economy (The Economist, YouTube, Oct 23, 2020)

- Bong Joon Ho wins Best Director (Oscars, YouTube, Mar 12, 2020)

Movies To Save Our World (Penguin, 2022) is available at bookstores like:

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