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Kenneth Paul Tan quoted in South China Morning Post, commenting on Hong Kong expats and politics

In an article titled "Hong Kong’s Asian expats still see city as a ‘land of opportunities’" in South China Morning Post, 25 June 2022, Kenneth Paul Tan was invited to comment on political developments in Hong Kong and their impact on expatriates.

Kenneth Paul Tan, a communications professor at the Hong Kong Baptist University, said expats were pragmatic, adaptive and ultimately mobile, “so even if they had strong political opinions, they would choose not to express them in ways that can damage their own prospects in what continues to be a great place to live and work”.
Other expats with strong political opinions might not want to inadvertently offend or antagonise their local colleagues, friends, or the communities in which they lived, Tan said.
“In any case, political talk everywhere seems a lot more muted these days, not necessarily out of a rising sense of apprehension, but perhaps from fatigue and tedium,” he said.
“Arguments on all sides are well-known by now, and yet they have reached an aporia (state of doubt) from which it is unclear how to proceed.”

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