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Presented on the decadence of the People's Action Party Government, 11 September 2020

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

At a live webinar "Singapore’s GE2020: The real watershed election?" organized by Sydney Southeast Asia Centre and Malaysia and Singapore Society of Australia (full video available here).

Kenneth Paul Tan: "The PAP in government has become decadent, not in the sense of moral depravity, but in the way it has reached the zenith of its achievements, which are of considerable, and there finds itself utterly exhausted. Rapid growth and development, the spectacle of The Singapore Story, have been an exhausting and sometimes frustrating journey. The old theory of Singapore’s survival and success seems to have run its course. And this exhaustion points above all to an absence of originality, of new and exciting ideas that can galvanize and motivate Singaporeans for the future. The PAP government seems instead to be self-referentially tethered to its own history and the success formulas that that history narrates ad nauseam. In this regard, today’s PAP government has been infantilized by the giants of its own past."

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