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Spoke at a webinar on the politics of the pandemic in Singapore, 1 May 2020

Kenneth Paul Tan spoke at a roundtable of Singaporean social scientists.

The coronavirus crisis has shown that our wellbeing depends a lot on how we are organised as societies. Human beings may be one species, but how our societies distribute things, make decisions, and deal with conflicts differ across space and time. The current crisis makes it clear that these variations are not merely theoretical, but matters of life and death. What can be done to ensure that Singapore’s governance model, economic strategies, and social arrangements evolve in directions that make the country more resilient and just? Academia.SG’s debut event brings together five Singaporean social scientists in a conversation reflecting on the current crisis and its aftermath.

Speakers: Cherian GEORGE, Linda LIM, Donald LOW, Kenneth Paul TAN, and TEO You Yenn.

Full transcript and other resources:

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