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Kenneth Paul Tan is a highly rated executive trainer. Since 2000, he has trained thousands of political leaders, policy professionals, uniformed officers, and leaders in the non-profit and private sectors, both in Singapore and abroad. He has taught in programmes offered by the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, INSEAD, and other institutions.

Tan has developed innovative methods, adapted from theatre techniques, literary and media analysis, as well as historical and biographical role play, to teach courses on leadership and communication.

Tune In To Leadership, which he designed in 2017 and has taught in Singapore, France, and the UAE, is a highlight of his executive teaching. Although thinking about leadership through an orchestra is certainly not new, Tan's course gives participants an opportunity to engage, analogically and experientially, with a live orchestra to reflect on their own leadership and communication practices, especially when it comes to diverse organizations with multiple talents, and the importance of building resilient organizations that can anticipate, prepare for, and emerge stronger from future disruptions. Interspersed with a carefully designed programme of music performances, Tan engages in spontaneous and unscripted conversations with the conductor and orchestra musicians, weaving stories together in ways that reveal often surprising insights on leadership and communication.

At the LKY School's Senior Management Programme in Singapore, with Chan Tze Law (conductor) and members of the Metropolitan Festival Orchestra:

At the LKY School's programme for Accenture, with Chan Tze Law (conductor) and members of the Metropolitan Festival Orchestra:

In the UAE, for the Abu Dhabi Executive Office, with Chan Tze Law (conductor):

At INSEAD's FWD Elite Signature Programme in Fontainebleau, with Tomas Tacquet (conductor) and members of Le Concert De La Loge:

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