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At Hong Kong Baptist University (2021-present)

  1. Political Communication and Public Opinion (Masters-level Elective, School of Communication)

  2. Morally Controversial Issues in the Media (Level 4000, Department of Journalism)

  3. Imagining Poverty, Inequality, and Revolution in 21st-Century Films (Level 3000, Academy of Film)

  4. Governing Techno-City Singapore (Level 4000, Department of Government and International Studies)

  5. Asian Techno-Cities: Hong Kong and Singapore (Level 4000, Department of Government and International Studies)

At The University of Hong Kong (2021-2023)

  1. Public Governance in East Asia (Doctor of Public Administration)


At the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore (2007-2020)

  1. Politics and Public Policy (Masters-level Core)

  2. Globalization, Nation-Building, and Singapore's Identity (Masters-level Core)

  3. Topics in Public Management (‘Governing Global-City Singapore’) (Masters-level Core)

  4. State-Society Relations in Singapore (Masters-level Elective)

  5. Evolving Practices of Governance in Singapore (Masters-level Elective; team-taught with former Head of Singapore Civil Service)

  6. Singapore: The City (Masters-level Elective; team-taught with visiting Harvard professor)

  7. Pragmatism and Public Morality in Singapore (Masters-level Elective)

At the University Scholars Programme, National University of Singapore (2000-2007)

  1. Singapore: The Making of a Nation

  2. Thinking about Politics

  3. Democratic Possibilities in Singapore

  4. Civil Society: Theory and Practice (Advanced)

At the Political Science Department, National University of Singapore (2000-2007)

  1. Introduction to Political Science (Level 1000)

  2. Government and Politics of Singapore (Level 2000)

  3. Politics, Art, and Popular Culture (Honours)

  4. Community Service and Social Action (General Education Module)

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