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"Being an outstanding educator and researcher, Kenneth saw his role as Vice-Dean not (just) as an administrative one, but rather as one of providing academic leadership and mentorship. He was a great mentor to the faculty who struggled with the challenges of teaching one of the most diverse and demanding public policy schools in the world. He pioneered the practice of inter-disciplinary (as opposed to multi-disciplinary) team-teaching at the LKY School and ran seminars for colleagues to share best practices in this regard. He also promoted the use of case studies in our classrooms. As the head of the case study unit at the LKY School, I was grateful to Kenneth not just for his advice on case-writing and case teaching, but for his leadership by example and his skill in using our cases in his classes." (Former LKY School colleague, Letter in 2019)

"The University Scholars Programme is fortunate to have many dedicated and outstanding teachers. However, Kenneth stands out in the mind of many students. For example, when the Permanent Secretary (Education) visited a few years ago, students compellingly related their experience in Kenneth’s classes to demonstrate how USP enriched their mind and their lives. Repeatedly, they referred to his modules Democratic Possibilities in Singapore and Civil Society: Theory and Practice, both highly innovative modules motivated by experiential learning. The Civil Society module, for example, incorporates an attachment in a local civil society organization. Comments that students have provided for his teaching are simply some of the most powerful that I have seen." (Then Director, USP, Letter in 2008)


"We were very impressed by the work you’re doing … and we thought you an exceptional teacher, …. It’s clear from the record that you’re having a deep and beneficial impact on the minds and lives of the students you teach." (Then Vice Dean, NUS Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Email in 2005)


"I can safely say that Kenneth is the best of many good teachers I have had the privilege of working with closely … Looking back from mid-career at fifteen years of teaching at university level, I can safely say that working with Kenneth was one of the highlights of my teaching career … Kenneth has been one of the most effective – indeed the most effective – teacher I have had the privilege of working with." (Then Vice Dean, USP, and 2002 winner of the NUS Outstanding Educator Award, Letter in 2008)


"I also learnt a lot from his actual conduct of the seminar, which was engaging and yet created a safe environment where students felt comfortable to raise questions, challenge arguments and make mistakes. I have imbibed his attitude of treating students as young but mature adults who have as much to contribute to their own and the class’s learning as the lecturer. Since then, I have been reaping great success in my teaching of undergraduates and graduate students, who have risen to the challenge to be adult learners. … Without knowing it, Kenneth was my mentor who taught me all these abilities, commitments and skills. If I had not worked with him and observed him at his best, I would not have become an excellent teacher myself." (Deputy Head of NUS Sociology, former Member of Parliament, then Assistant Professor and co-teacher, Letter in 2008)

"I had the privilege of reading your dossier that went up for the [Outstanding Educator Award 2009] award. Until that time, I had quite mistakenly prided myself as a great teacher. It is only after learning how you delivered your classes did I realize that I had (still have) a lot to learn. As an administrator, you made us want to belong. As a teacher - you had and you will enhance the capability of critical thought - the ultimate pedagogic goal." (LKY School colleague, Facebook post in 2017)

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