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Chair, Roundtable on "Regarding Racism", AcademiaSG

16 June 2021

Mohamed Imran Mohamed Taib, Lai Ah-Eng, Nazry Bahrawi, Anju Mary Paul and Jerrine Tan in conversation with Kenneth Paul Tan

Race, a permanent feature of Singapore’s social relations, has stepped out from the shadows, demanding the nation’s attention. A string of social media videos exposing people’s intolerance and hate has sparked widespread revulsion. But there is much less agreement about what these incidents mean. Can they be dismissed as extreme outliers or are they representative of wider rifts? Does the problem start and end with errant individuals, or is it time to refine Singapore’s approaches to ethnic identity? Do they reveal the need for more open conversations — or that the less said, the better? This roundtable gathers scholars of anthropology, sociology, politics and literature for a multidisciplinary conversation about how concerned citizens might think about race and respond to racism.

Chair, Roundtable on "Regarding Racism", AcademiaSG
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