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Interview, Guest on Youtube Channel Breaking The Spell

12 July 2022

Can Movies Save the World? A Conversation with Professor Kenneth Paul Tan

Kenneth Paul Tan discussed his latest book "Movies to Save Our World: Imagining Poverty, Inequality and Environmental Destruction in the 21st Century". An expansive book that critically analyzes more than 70 popular documentaries and feature books, it explores how these films trace many of our contemporary problems to neoliberal globalization and reimagines them in creative and provocative ways. Co-hosts Douglas and Unsu led a wide-ranging conversation on various themes such as dissecting the hero narrative, the complexities of defining documentaries, censorship in Singapore, whether superhero films constitute movies that "save the world", finding philosophy in movies like The Platform, the likely factors explaining South Korea's thriving film industry and more.

Interview, Guest on Youtube Channel Breaking The Spell
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