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Interviewed on LGBT activism in Singapore, for Rappler, 9 August 2015

" ... Kenneth Paul Tan, vice dean at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, said the success of Pink Dot reflects the changing Singapore. 'This is very interesting to see how this is a very different Singapore that is actually able to export a body of activism, something we would never have expected in the earlier phase of Singapore,' he said. Tan said that in the 1990s, organizations tended to work with the state to form what the government preferred to call 'civic society' instead of civil society. Now, that space is changing. 'The pink movement, gay activism has become very well organized, nuanced, sophisticated. Part of this also reflects a post-industrial, post-material society.' ... "

Full article "#SG50: In Singapore, gay activism is family-friendly" available here:

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